Learn the Art of Table Manners and Dining Etiquette


Dining etiquette are set of rules that govern the expectations of social and dining behavior in a workplace, group or society. The dining etiquettes training is imparted by some of the best etiquette trainers in India. The dining etiquette and Table manners training in India is a  cut out training program which can be delivered  by some of the most trained professionals in the country only. Eating etiquette, Table Manners, Table etiquette training are provided by the most  well-bred professional trainer in India, Asia  and World.

Place Setting

  • Do not pick up your silverware if it gets dropped, simply ask for replacement.
  • Once you use your silverware it should not then touch the table cloth.
  • After using your knife put it at the top of the dinner plate facing inwards
  • When you are finished, place your knife and fork in the center of your plate.


  • Unfolded the napkin and place it on your lap and let it be there until you finish eating.
  • Once you are finished place the napkin folded loosely to the left of your plate.
  • You can use napkin to clean corners of your mouth.
  • Put the napkin on the chair and slide your chair under the table if you want to leave the table during the meal,

Posture and Elbows

  • Do not lean on the table and sit comfortably straight..
  • Do not put your elbows on the table when you are eating.
  • However, when you stop to talk, it is okay to rest your elbows on the table and lean forward.


  • Wait until everyone is seated before eating.
  • When dining with others, everyone should start and finish at the same time. Keep pace with others while eating, finishing early can make the other person on the table feel uncomfortable.
  • When you are finished eating do not push your plate away from you.
  • Do not chew while keeping your mouth open, take small bites and finish before speaking.
  • Try not to gulp your food, it is not very attractive.
  • Do not blow on food that is hot..
  • Bread and rolls should be broken with your fingers, in small pieces and buttered one piece at a time.
  • Cut several pieces of meat (or main course) at a time.
  • Use your knife to cut lettuce if needed.

As You Are Eating

  • Before taking any beverage finish the food in your mouth.
  • Drink carefully in order to avoid gulping
  • Put your knife and fork at the position so that it doesn’t makes a bridge on the plate

While Eating

  • Cross your knife and fork at the center of the dinner plate, if you want a break during the meal
  • When finished place the knife and fork (tines down) in the five o’clock position.
  • Leave your plate where it is, do not push it away, stack it, or pass it to others to stack

At The End Of The Meal

  • To indicate that you have finished eating put your silverware at the 5:00 position with the tines down.
  • Leave your napkin loosely folded at the left of the plate.
  • Remain seated until everyone has fi nished.
  • You will be indicated by your host that the meal is over

Learning Activity: Dining Etiquette

Choose the appropriate answer

How will you respond when your cell phone rings while dining with someone?

  1. Take up the call and keep the call brief.
  2. Switch off your phone immediately.
  3. Say sorry and keep the phone on silent mode as the person you are with is your priority.
  4. Say “Excuse me”, step away from the table, and receive the call in the lobby or restroom.

If you have a morsel of food lodged in your teeth and you want to remove it, you:

  1. Take your knife when no one is looking and remove the morsel promptly with the blade
  2. Raise your napkin to your mouth and discreetly use a sugar packet or your business card to remove the morsel
  3. Politely ask your server for a toothpick
  4. Excuse yourself and go to the restroom to pick your teeth in private

Dining etiquette not only helps us look professional in the corporate world but will also help us look impressive outside of the business world as well.

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