How to Grow the Leader in you?

Be a Successful Leader

A team is as good as its leader. If the leader is not good, then the team will never be able to perform well. There is a set of skills and qualities that identify a Leader. These qualities enable them to empower their team to conceive the legendary goals, believe in them and work to achieve them.

Did you know?

Roger Herman did a study that revealed that 75% of the employees leaving their jobs voluntarily do not quit because of work, they quit because of their bosses. As Ralph Nader puts in words that Function of Leadership is to produce more Leaders, not more followers!
But before we start, why don’t you reflect upon the questions that follow and try to discover the hidden Leader in you!

Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position.

“Brain Tracy”

How to become a Legendary Leader?

I have made the list of most effective traits that you can incorporate in yourself right from this moment to grow up into an enabling and growth driven leader.

1. Become a good listener:
Being a senior does not mean that you stop listening to your subordinates. In order to show your team that you trust them and they should trust you, it is important to listen to them. But the key is, do not listen to respond, listen to understand!

2. Seek advice from people
When you listen to ideas from your team, you develop them, evolve them and strengthen their faith in you. Seek opinions and build on them. We simply cannot talk one-way as leaders, we need to opt for two-way communication by listening and respecting other people’s opinions. This also shows that you are a flexible person who appreciates and respects the team.

3. Create an inclusive team
Not all fingers of the hand are the same. Similarly, not all the people in a team are similar in the context of potential and capabilities. Try to include everyone and see that nobody feels left behind. Depending upon their skill and will, assign tasks to every team member so that you utilize the potential and contribute in their personal and professional productivity.

4. Be encouraging and supporting
People usually get apprehensive and hesitate when it comes to taking risks or taking tough decisions. You must encourage and support your team members and help them achieve their goals and complete tasks that they find difficult to bring to an end. Demonstrate how accomplishing tasks brings positive results.

5. Be, Know and Do
Be clear in your communications and deliver like a leader. Know what you are saying and do set an example before your team members. A confident leader builds a confident team and an under-confident leader will always have an under-confident team working for him.

6. Enjoy your work
If you do not love your work, you cannot expect your team members to love theirs. In order to be effective and efficient, it is important that you draw a line between being a workaholic and loving your work so that the work-life balance stays maintained. But hold pride in your profession and start loving your livelihood because Passion brings Productivity!

7. Keep the morale up
There has to be an extremely strong drive in people to excel. If the drive is missing in even one team member, the whole team tends to become sloppy and sluggish. Keep your spirits high to pull up the enthusiasm of the team towards the goal. Confidence building is the most crucial job of the Leader.
The persistence of building a leader in yourself is challenged by adversities, in such situations the role of a mentor or a coach becomes indispensable, to unveil your hidden massive potential. Have the genius around you to attract the genius within you.

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