How to Make Your Workplace Healthy?

A workplace doesn’t consist of only tasks. It consists of people. We have seen so many qualities that a professional person should have. We...
First Impression

Learn the Art of First Impression!

There are many corporate events and other business segments where leadership programs are offered. The corporate training programs are alongside offered to the participants. But, there...


Have you ever wondered why some people appear more impressive than the others There are number of “corporate training programs” that talks about.… why...
Prioritize Goals

Prioritize Goals: Choose Urgent and Important

Introduction In our previous article we learnt about setting goals. Now my question to you is: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where...
Corporate Motivational Speaker

Top Corporate Motivational Speaker

The corporate world today demands both the skill set and the mindset. The qualification, degrees, and experience ensure a good skill set. But how...
Motivational Speaker in Hindi

Dr. Vivek Bindra: Hindi Motivational Speaker

In today’s world of unending competition, one has to be on his toes to keep up with the pace of development of the world....

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HIMA DAS – The Great Indian Athlete

Hima Das made history by becoming India's first ever track and field gold medalist at the IAAF World  U-20 Championships, in Tampere, Finland in...

How to Build a High Performance Team?

High Performance workforce or team is a set of highly focused business people who have determined to achieve superior business results by generating consistent...

Learn the Art to Create Monopoly in the Market

In the current pace of globalization, it is considerably easier and accessible for most of the business enterprises to acclimatize to the things already...